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Want to boost your mood, while still having a good sweat and burn a ton of calories? Then you have to join us on the trampoline at the SWEAT class, which is a Full Body cardio burn and muscle sculpting workout on the trampoline and using small resistance training equipment - designed to torch fats and calories FAST, while also making it super fun. You will reap the full benefits of rebounding such as fast energy burn, bone strengthening, full body toning, detoxifying, and renewing each of your body cells. With our fun music playlists that change with every class, SWEAT is a workout that does not feel like a workout, but more like a party! 45 minutes will fly by so quickly, you won't even notice!



If you're looking to give your body a top-to-toe workout to some great music, this is the class for you. During this mat workout your exercises involve completing a continuous flow of strength building movements using mostly your own bodyweight and choice of light weights and resistance bands, designed to boost your metabolism, sculpt muscles, improve posture and burn body fat. This class varies from week to week to keep your body on its toes and ensure you continue to condition, tone and sculpt your whole body.



Ignite the dancer in you! Stimulate both your mind and body with our DANCE class, which involves moving our bodies rhythmically to music, while engaging every muscle on the body and challenging our brain-body coordination skills. A good dance workout can combat the negative effects of stress and release the feel-good hormones that promote wellbeing and enhance your mood, all while torching calories and toning your whole body! If you are feeling foggy and slow, maybe it's time to pop in our DANCE class and start moving to our fun playlist with our energetic instructors!



This routine is quite different from our other classes. We will do the movements suuuper slow and controlled - to keep the tension for as long as possible in the muscles to build maximum strength and sculpt up! The burn is REAL. This method is called "time under tension". We extend the eccentric phase of a movement (going down in a squat, lowering your body in a push up), hold for a second & go back to the starting position explosively. The trainer will "count" you through the entire workout: 1, 2, 3, 4 - hold - AND UP



If you’re looking for a high intensity workout that will help tone your body and shed fat, this is a great class to attend. Circuits is a high energy and fast-paced class which involves working your way around different exercise stations performing each exercise as many times as you can in a set amount of time. Join in this classic class for a fun way to work out. Circuit training is the most efficient combination of building strength and burning fat. The short rest between stations is designed to keep the heart rate elevated and build endurance.

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